Sunday, March 16, 2014

Daylight Star

Hi hi! Long time no post! I hope my professor, Christian, isn't bored to death because of this neglected blog, and is having a wonderful trip in china. :D

This is an art work I've been working on for quite some times, but was put aside because of a lot of school work. In this art work I was trying to capture the feeling of "daylight star". This drawing was inpsired by the song "Garden of Everything" (It's screaming, please free me from all the school work. haha jk)

I'm quite happy with the result of the colors, they look like how I wanted it to end up in my mind. I wanted her to feel like a goddess, and overwhelm the viewers. What do you think? Did I?


About the progress, I started off with a color splash. I wanted to quickly get down the colors I had in mind, or close to it. I always think it's really important to grasp on to that initial feeling of inspiration, because that's how life is born in art. >^< 
After grabbing the art's soul (lol), I went into black and white to pull out the contrast. After that, refining the figure and the chiffon. Finally, adding effects and making it pop. I hope you enjoyed it! 

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